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    Articles, tips, how-tos, and more! A wealth of information about buying, using, and maintaining guns.

    Learning to Custom Fit a 1911 — You Got This!
    It will come as no surprise to the readers that America has a love affair with the 1911. I can’t think of any other firearm that has lasted 100 years, with all its fundamental design principles intact. For that matter, I can’t think of any product... read more...
    Clearing Jams and Malfunctions
    If it moves, it can jam. Jams and malfunctions are, unfortunately, a fact of life with semi-automatics. In the event of a problem, it is imperative to understand what caused the jam, because that will directly affect what type of correction... read more...
    How to Choose a Handgun
    Everyday, we are bombarded with the freshest information. We hope the information is legitimate, and we weigh our alternatives. Choosing an option involves a mix of assessments and choices colored by innate biases and too often, flawed assumptions.... read more...
    Caring For Leather Holsters
    More than 20 years ago, my first book was published. Thirteen books later, Holsters for Concealed Carry and Combat is dated. Some of the makers mentioned in the book are retired or deceased, including the late great Lou Alessi. However, there... read more...