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    120 Day Layaway Program

    At K-Var, we are fully aware of the current financial climate and are committed to supporting our community in the best ways possible. Despite the challenging economic conditions, we understand that our customers still have a strong desire to purchase firearms and enjoy the shooting sports. However, we acknowledge that many of our fellow Americans may not have the means to invest a significant amount of money upfront to purchase the firearms and accessories they desire.

    To address this, we have developed a groundbreaking affordable layaway plan to better serve the shooting sports community. Our goal is to enable our customers to own their dream firearms without burdening them with extra charges.

    Our layaway program offers an extended term of 120 days, which according to our research, is the longest layaway program in the firearms industry. This extended timeframe provides our customers with greater flexibility and convenience when it comes to securing their dream firearm purchases.

    Here's How the Layaway Plan Works

    Here's how the flexible layaway plan works: To secure the item you wish to purchase; we require an initial deposit of 20% to secure your layaway purchase. A minimum monthly payment every 30 days of at least 5% is required to keep your layaway in good standing even though we recommend 20% for you to keep on track. We understand things can change from month to month and that’s ok! You just need to meet your obligation by the end of the 120 days!

     Example Layaway Payment Plan

    If you wish to purchase a SAM7R-62 total item cost is: $1829.99 – NO HIDDEN FEES (shipping cost will vary by state)

    1st Initial Payment of 20% - $365.99
    30 Days after: 20% - $365
    60 Days after: 20% - $365
    90 Days after: 20% - $365
    120 Days after: 20% Final Payment of $369.00 before shipment.

    Again, during the 120 Day term, you are required to make a minimum monthly payment of at least 5% towards your purchase to keep your layaway in good standing.

    If the 120-day term expires OR the customer decides to cancel a layaway purchase, a restocking and cancellation fee of 20% of the original purchase price will be applied and the customer will need to choose a refund method.

    Option A: A refund of the remaining balance will be issued minus an additional 3% fee for credit cards or $50 for a bank check.

    Option B: Refund of the remaining balance minus the restock fee, will be issued in the form of a K-Var gift certificate. This gift certificate can be applied to any K-Var product of your choosing, allowing you to make future purchases within our range of offerings. The customer also has the option to transfer their in-store credit to any individual of their choice.

    Please note that eligible items will be based on availability and inventory levels. We request that interested customers contact sales directly to inquire about the specific product they are interested in and to confirm its eligibility for layaway. Our team will be happy to provide further assistance and guidance regarding the items included in the program.

    We believe this well-structured plan will greatly assist our valued customers in managing their finances while enabling them to acquire and own the firearm of their dreams. It's important to note that this purchase plan is not applicable to all K-Var items. Its availability will depend on the current supply and demand. We will exercise discretion and regularly update the list of eligible items for this purchase program.

    At K-Var, we are dedicated to supporting the firearms community during these tough economic times. We hope to work with you to get your dream firearm in your hands!

    Call Customer Service to get started! (702) 364-8880 EXT. 1

    All Layaways must be started and handled over the phone. Layaways cannot be done through or website at this time.