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    Articles, tips, how-tos, and more! A wealth of information about buying, using, and maintaining guns.

    Heavyweight Bullet Choices for Personal Defense
    There is only one reason to fire at another human being. That is to stop a threat. The threat must be so great that the only means of stopping violent action is to fire. It must not matter morally or legally if the individual dies as a result... read more...
    Arex Rex Delta 9mm Pistol
    The Arex Rex Delta is a fresh design in the striker-fired, polymer-frame field. Dr. Dave Dolbee has visited the ultra-modern Arex plant and found it impressive. As for quality and production as well as human resources, the company is an impressive... read more...
    How to Choose a Handgun
    Everyday, we are bombarded with the freshest information. We hope the information is legitimate, and we weigh our alternatives. Choosing an option involves a mix of assessments and choices colored by innate biases and too often, flawed assumptions.... read more...