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    Articles, tips, how-tos, and more! A wealth of information about buying, using, and maintaining guns.

    A Case for the AK47 Rifle
    When we read about certain firearms, particularly in the biased media or even in the popular gun press, we read terms such as ‘deadly’ efficiency. As a professional, I know that any projectile or firearm, beginning with a .177 Pellet at 450... read more...
    Adjustable Gas Block — Tune Your AR15
    This last weekend, I provided a buddy a side-by-side comparison of his standard AR and one of my AR15s with an adjustable gas block. His actual quote was, “Holy crap! When can you do that to mine?” Your first experience with an adjustable gas... read more...
    AR15 Components: A Little More Means a Lot Better
    There is a huge array of AR15 components available at K-Var! Shopping options usually involve two criteria. First, is the part suitable for what I envision for the completed gun? Second, is the part at the lowest price I can get? Don’t get a... read more...
    Beware of Fake Guns and Parts
    A Canandaigua, NY man named Jonathan Roberts is facing multiple charges after allegedly violating weapons laws by purchasing gun part modifications for Glocks from China. It all began when Customs and Border Patrol agents intercepted a package... read more...