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    Subsonic ammunition is specifically designed not break the sound barrier and commonly used in suppressed weapons. This stealth style of ammo is most often used by military or law enforcement. However, hunters also utilize subsonic ammo as it can reduce or eliminate the deafening, animal-scattering sound of a gunshot. Likewise, subsonic ammunition is quickly becoming a favorite of target shooters and plinkers due to the reduced sonic signature, protecting the hearing of shooters and spectators. 

    Subsonic ammunition leaves the barrel moving slower than the speed of sound. When paired with a suppressor, the rounds become even quieter — a major benefit for those looking to be covert. While suppressors were historically used mostly by members of the military or law enforcement, they’ve gained popularity over the years thanks to the safety aspect of the more muted shots. Suppressors, when used with subsonic ammo, make the sport of shooting much safer and more pleasant. 

    Subsonic ammo drastically reduces the recoil and virtually eliminates any flinch, resulting in a significantly increased level of accuracy. The reduced muzzle flip also adds accuracy, by keeping the target in the field of view of the scope for faster follow up shots. Because of these reasons, it’s easy to see why shooters are flocking to subsonic ammunition.  

    Browse K-Var’s selection of subsonic ammunition today. We carry only the brands you trust such as Fiocchi, Brown Bear, and Remington. Looking for something else? Be sure to check out our massive selection of firearm ammunition for everything from handguns to hunting rifles. Have a question or need more information about our selection of ammo? Reach out to our customer service department — we’re happy to help!

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