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    From 12-gauge to 20-gauge and more, our shotgun shells will blow you away. Shotguns are great for hunting and home defense, making them some of the most versatile firearms around. So whether you're on the hunt for game or just defending yourself, we've got the shotgun ammo for you. With top brands like Fiocchi Ammunition and Winchester, we have the best selection of shotgun shells for sale online at K-Var!

    K-Var's blog library, The Armory, can help you learn more about shotguns and shotgun ammunition. Between product reviews for shotguns like the Mossberg 590 to helpful tips and guides, we can help you along the process of picking out a new shotgun. Are you choosing between a truck or trunk gun or looking for something for home defense? Check out our useful articles or contact us to help answer your questions.

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