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    Articles, tips, how-tos, and more! A wealth of information about buying, using, and maintaining guns.

    Gun Test: Springfield XD-S 4.0
    The Springfield XD-S 4.0 is a variation on the Springfield XD—a popular and proven firearm. The XD-S is a good concealed carry handgun with the same action and features as the popular XD but enough differences to give the XD-S a distinctive... read more...
    A Case for AK Pistols — Arsenal SAM7
    When the AR and AK pistols were introduced, many of us thought, “Well hey, they are rifles. How can they be pistols?” My friend Darrel points out that many of my generation are used to the shockwave-type shotguns being illegal, and the same... read more...
    6 Tips to a Better Grip
    One of the most poorly understood elements of handgun control is how to properly grip your pistol. This is evidenced by the number of people struggling to find a consistent, accuracy enhancing grip. There are varying opinions on how much effort,... read more...
    4 Steps to Break in a New Pistol
    Imagine being the victim of a burglary five times in a six-year period. Not only would you be losing personal valuables during each burglary, undoubtedly the ongoing victimization would take a toll on your life in other ways. Unfortunately,... read more...