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    Week of 3/18 - 3/25

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    DDT 42in Double Rifle Case
    DDT Venom 48 Hour Assault Pack DDT Hellfighter 2 USA Made Dual Point Rifle Sling
    SAM7K Pistol 7.62x39mm Milled Receiver with Picatinny Quad Rail
    Rex Zero 1S Black 17 Round 9MM Pistol Arex Rex Zero/Alpha 9mm Black 20 Round Magazine
    Windham Weaponry WW-308 SRC 308 Winchester Flat-Top Rifle
    Arsenal 4 Piece Flash Hider 7.62x39 DS Set WARSW US Desert Sand
    Windham Weaponry R16M4FTT-NC SRC .223 16 RL 30 Round
    RT-R MOD 3 RRD (Rifle Red Dot) RT-R MOD 3 RMD (Riton Micro Dot)



    Arsenal SLR-104UR (SLR104-51) 5.45x39mm Caliber Rifle (with Krink Gas Stamped receiver)
    Black Set Krink US Upper and Lower Handguard Bulgarian Slant Cut Compensator for AKM (7.62 x 39 mm) 14 x 1 mm Left Hand Threads
    Lee Armory Romanian Military Classic AKM
    CMMG 5-Slot Accessory Rail Kit M-Lok Bulgarian Military OD Green Surplus Canvas Sling
    FIME FCG US AK/RPK Enhanced Fire Control Group
    CMMG AR15 Lower Parts Kit Lower Parts Kit, AR15, Gunbuilders Kit
    Ammo, Silver Bear, A545NFMJ, 5.45 X 39 mm