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    Muzzle Devices

    Muzzle devices can do a lot of different things depending on your needs — and K-Var has plenty of styles available for AKs, AR-15s and more! We have flash hiders (or flash suppressors), such as the Arsenal 4-Piece Flash Hider, that reduces the muzzle flash of your firearm so it doesn't affect your vision, especially if you're using night vision. You can also get a muzzle brake, such as the Muzzle Compensator US 24, to improve stability and cut down on recoil. Muzzle devices function as compensators too, preventing barrel lift so you can stay on-target. In fact, many muzzle devices serve multiple purposes, and all are designed to make your shooting experience better. Shop for muzzle devices and other firearms accessories at K-Var today!

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