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    Molot makes Vepr rifles and shotguns — and you can find a wide variety of both here at K-Var! Based on the design of the Kalashnikov, owning a Molot Vepr is like holding a piece of Russian history, one that is reinforced to last far into the future. Check out our full stock of Molot products, everything from the Molot Vepr .308 20.5" Barrel Rifle to the Molot Vepr 12 Gauge Wood Thumbhole Stock Shotgun and the all new VPR-12-80 shotgun with the custom manufactured Zero Rise Muzzle Brake!  Plus, you can find Vepr magazines, buttstocks and more. No matter which Molot product you want, we have you covered. Contact K-Var if you have any questions.

    Want to learn more about the Molot Vepr rifles and shotguns? We also have a number of informative articles providing valuable content such as how to take your Vepr hunting and the latest news with the Molot sanctions. We even cover topics such as how to overcome the Vepr sanctions. Visit our resource center to keep up-to-date on all things Molot.

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      Molot Black Polymer RPK Handguard Set for Stamped Receivers

      $19.99 $18.99

      Molot Black Polymer RPK Handguard Set for Stamped Receivers

      $49.99 $9.99

      Molot RPK Black Polymer Ribbed Lower Handguard


      Molot AK / RPK Fire Control Group for Milled and Stamped Receivers

      $39.99 $9.99

      Molot 7.62x54mm Black 5 Round Magazine for Vepr Rifles


      Molot Vepr 12 Defender 10 Round Magazine Bundle

      $499.99 $449.95

      Molot Factory AK Pistol Grips

      $44.99 $39.95

      Molot Vepr 12 Gauge Black Polymer 10 Round Magazine


      Molot Take Off Birch Wood Thumbhole Buttstock