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    Excellent Rifle
    Lee Armory Romanian Military Classic AKM

    I recently picked one of these rifles up after having horrible experiences with other manufacturers. Looking over the rifle it's extremely well made. Everything is smooth and finished nicely. I did change over some parts for preference and not because of function. I added a NATO Length Arsenal stock, Arsenal railed handguard, Surefire 7.62AK Warcomp, Krebs Selector, KAC Vertical Grip, Geissele AK Trigger to make this rifle even better to shoot.

    This rifle would have run 100% if I didn't use the Croatian mags. It loved the surplus Romanian 30's. The issue was narrowed down to the Croatian mags stopping the round during feeding.

    If you are looking for a great rifle. Grab yourself a Lee Armory AK47!

    Thanks for making these!

    Guest | 7/6/2019 11:12 PM
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    Best AK for the buck ANYWHERE
    My son in law has one of these Lee AKM AK47 variants and it is sooooooo close to being every bit the quality of my more expensive Arsenal 107....and for this money..unreal buy and a true bargain. The biggest plus is that you will NEVER have to deal with the non existant customer support of Century Arms or be laughed at by other AK owners for ever being so ignorant as to ever buy a Century product to begin with. You CAN get parts for these AK's.....TRY to get a part from Century for ANY of their AK's.......THEY DONT CARRY ANY and on top of that their AK's are junk, NON mil spec and apparently cobbled together by blind drunk or blind and drunk builders. Lee Armory makes a great AK and at this price they are a MUST BUY. Also NEVER forget that these have last forever chrome lined barrels and no, the chrome lining isnt just to protect against corrosive ammo........chrome is a LOT harder than steel much less copper so your barrel and chamber life is.......well, the chrome lining makes these "heirloom" rifles as you will NEVER wear the barrel or chamber out and can shoot steel cased ammo covered with sandpaper if you can find such and NEVER worry about chamber wear. Folks, trust me, these are superb rifles especially at this price. Thanks again to K-Var!
    Guest | 7/22/2019 9:07 PM
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