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    | 10/23/2017 4:49 AM
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    A2 flash hider on steroids.
    This flash hider is very well made out of a decent chunk of steel! You certainly don’t have to worry about damaging this one in any way.
       4 port/slit design with a solid underside. Hence the title...its much like the M16 A2 flash hider that has 5 slits and closed underside. Its very good at flash reduction for a 7.62x39. Its a very good design. I like that it’s Bulgarian made and not US made that tries to look like a Bulgarian. I like having the parts from the country of the rifle i own. Much like many other feel. Looks great on an SAM7SF-84! It really is the cherry on top if you choose to go for a clone look of the Bulgarian ARM9-F after changing the grip and upper/lower handguards. The long length of flash hider may look weird to some, but if you know a bit about AK variants this particular reason is to facilitate a bayonet. Its required to attach bayo from lug and have muzzle ring get onto the recessed portion. Flash hider has that GREAT deep black finish like you have on the other Bulgarian models especially the SAM7 series. It will match your SAM7 series finish perfect if you have the 24mm thread pattern FSB like on the SAM7SF and unlike the SAM7R that has 14mm threads.
       If you want one get it because even though Bulgarian stuff is well and good to come into the country...its rare to see K-VAR restock stuff once it sells out one time. Its kind of sad actually. This is only real place to get certain items and just don’t seem to ever really restock items other than whole rifles. Waiting to get another set of ARM9 handguards and i guess those aren’t going to ever come back in either. So my point is, word to the wise, buy it now if you want one. Or anything else on K-VAR website. Would i buy this again?...100% yes! Great looking and effective!
    Donny | 2/1/2019 9:22 AM
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    Looks great, will test in low light (after test will update my review) has some wobble to it but I can deal with it if it doesn’t cause problems
    Guest | 3/14/2019 1:50 PM
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    Flash Hider
    Looks great on Sam7SF!  YES, please Kvar get the ARM-9 handguards in stock for us.  I check your site out daily for these to come in among other things.  I do appreciate you supplying us 47 lovers with great quality parts and accessories.
    Guest | 7/12/2019 2:24 PM
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    Much preferred over American made clone
    Got this for my Bulgarian Slr104fr. Almost zero muzzle flash at night, just what I wanted for my indoor and outdoor home defense setup
    Philip | 10/13/2020 12:21 AM
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