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    | 10/23/2017 4:33 AM
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    For the WIN
    I've never appreciated certain domestically-produced single-stage AK FCGs with bumpy, rackety hammers and trigger pull weights that vary from shot to shot. When I found this trigger, I thought, "Self, you've been using two-stage AR triggers for years now... Why not see how one feels in an AK?"

    The answer? FANTASTIC. I'm not impressed by much, but this trigger had me giggling like a kid on Christmas morning. Be ready for a heavier overall pull than most unadjustable, crappy quality domestically-produced triggers - though the ultimate break is FAR more crisp - and then be ready for your groupings to tighten considerably. The difference was overly apparent when, at a 50-yard indoor range, my "garbage" AK's groupings suddenly became competitive with my over-priced brand name AR's. I even had an associate shoot the AK in which this FCG was installed, another AK with the same crappy original FCG, and my AR, before turning the reins over to a complete stranger with self-proclaimed AK experience, as well. We each marveled at the night and day difference.

    I can't recommend this FCG enough. Do yourself a serious favor and leave the days of polishing and buffing the crap out of sub-standard FCGs behind you. You'll have more time to shoot and a more pleasant experience overall. 5/5
    R. Eiler | 7/13/2018 8:40 PM
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    Phenomenal Trigger (with a little elbow grease)
    This trigger dropped right into my SLR104 SBR, and as it comes from K-Var, it's a decent trigger. Very consistent 2-stage pull, that's not not too gritty or long, with a decent reset.
    However, once I polished the sear and disconnector surfaces with a buffing pad and some polishing compound, that's when the trigger really comes into it's own.  
    I got it as a replacement for the ALG trigger I was using, becasue I was having a lot of light primer strikes and hammer follow, and this FM trigger also eliminated those problems as well.
    I'll most likely replace the Tapco G2 triggers with this FM-922US trigger in the near future.
    Guest | 9/6/2018 7:19 AM
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    Best FCG on the market
    I installed this on an SLR104-31 that I have. Initially I dropped an ALG trigger in it and although it was super light I ended up accidentally bump firing it unintentionally too often. I dropped this trigger group in it and absolutely love it. I have zero complaints about this trigger group.
    | 9/6/2018 3:05 PM
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    FIME FCG US AK/RPK Rifles / 2-stage trigger
    Great  2-stage trigger fire control parks for my rifle , it drops in very easily and is very smooth when firing.
    Guest | 9/7/2018 10:30 AM
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    The FIME Trigger
    The FIME trigger is one of the best triggers for an AK that will be used primarily as a duty/side of the nightstand weapon... or even a day at the range trying to see who can get the best group... its definitely an up grade
    Dennis | 12/23/2021 2:31 PM
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