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    Arsenal SAM7SF from KVAR!!!
    This is the first AK variant I ever bought and it was worth every penny. Many of you have probably read about the Arsenal SAM7SF Milled Receiver Bulgarian AK variant as the best production model AK on the market and these people are right.

    Just read about the options/upgrades this rifles comes with standard. Trust me, it comes standard with every major feature an AK enthusiast is looking for:

    1) Folding Stock - Check
    2) Cold Forged Chrome Lined Barrel - Check
    3) Milled Receiver - Check (Best in Business)
    4) Ambidextrous Safety Selector - Check
    5) Serialized Parts - Check
    6) Upgraded, Fime Group Enhanced, Trigger - Check
    7) Scope Rail Mount Comes Standard - Check
    8) Ability To Use Scope while Stock Collapsed - Check
    9) Chrome Lined Muzzle Brake Comes Standard - Check
    10) Represents a Semi-Auto Version of a Current Production Bulgarian Military Rifle - Check!!!!

    I could go on but I think I’ve made my point. In addition to the many feature above, you know your getting a high quality rifle, something Arsenal has become renowned for. Hopefully, if you are reading this here on KVAR’s website, you have enough good sense to make this purchase through KVAR so you are guaranteed the best customer service in the business.

    Are you going to pay a little more for a SAM7SF, yes. Will you find all the features I listed above on any other current production AK, no. The SAM7SF has it all and the last point I mentioned, about being an identical semi-auto version of a current production/issued military AK, is icing on the cake.

    Another point I want to make before I close out this review, is about the finish. I’m not sure what other SAM7SF owners are doing to their rifles but after a coupl thousand rounds and regular care, the finish on my SAM7SF is still perfect. Moreover, it came out of the boxe looking better than all my Colt ARs I’ve bought in the last decade.

    Stop buying ridiculously overrated banned AK rifles, stop looking for overpriced parts kits, and stop buying junk WASRs! This is the rifle you want so treat yourself for once and spend the extra cash on the best production AK variant on the market. Do you think you’re kids will be more excited about inheriting a couple WASRs with canter sights or an Arsenal SAM7SF? You know the answer to that question.

    Lastly, buy this rifle from KVAR so you are guaranteed to get the best service in the business. Treat you and your family to the best AK varient on the market and watch it only appreciate in value during your lifetime. The only regret you might have is that you didn’t buy more than one.

    Thanks for reading and buy your Arsenal SAM7 from KVAR while they are still in stock!!
    Brian W | 10/4/2021 1:06 PM
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