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    Best AK I've owned
    Love this rifle, and will probably be buried with it.  Accurate, reliable and smooth shooting. I've put 5K rounds through mine and have ZERO failures.
    Guest | 9/4/2020 3:06 PM
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    This is the 3rd best production AK on the market
    Most AK collectors will tell you that a real Russian Vepr or a Saiga is better than the Arsenal AK from Bulgaria; however, for the money and quality, this is the best production rifle you will get. After that is the Zastava’s or even a Norinco/Polytech/Mak-90. If  you can afford this AK, get it! Think of it as an investment down the line. I bought 2 so I can keep one and sell the other in the future. Get them now before they become extinct for another 20  years.
    Steven | 9/15/2020 10:19 PM
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    Rifle showed up quickly and in perfect condition with sling, cleaning kit, and cleaning rod. Oal is about 1 1/2” longer than my slr rifles but feels great. Could not be happier, get them while you can
    Michael | 10/6/2020 5:18 AM
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    I love this rifle
    I've owned a lot of AK's over the year's and this is hands down the best.  This rifle is built like a tank,   lots of quality here.
    Guest | 11/3/2020 3:20 AM
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    Awesome ak
    Just picked mine up from ffl today, couldn’t be happier. Shipping was sooner than I expected, will be ordering from kvar again soon!
    Ryan | 11/14/2020 3:31 PM
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    Milled masterpiece
    The best AK variant I've had my hands on....
    Rogelio | 11/27/2020 9:03 AM
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    I absolutely love this gun and no AK collection is complete without one.

    Super thumbs up to arsenal for giving collectors a chance to buy at reasonable prices.

    ARSENAL INC!!!!!!!
    Alejandro | 12/1/2020 3:21 PM
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    Picked up from the FFL today and I couldn't be happier. This thing drips with quality and I'm sure it will out live me and my kids. Thanks K-VAR for making it happen!
    Lukas | 12/14/2020 5:35 AM
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    Picked my SAM7SF two days ago. Was pricey but well worth it. To finally be able to hold that masterpiece in my hands was such a joy. Damn glad I got it. Thank you K-VAR.
    Joel | 1/4/2021 6:11 PM
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    Thank you :)
    Ordered a sam7sf and a zastava m70. Guns arrived that same week. Will be ordering more from k var!
    Daniel | 1/7/2021 4:12 PM
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    I know
    I know you can buy a cheaper AK-47 than this, but that's what you get! Don't waste your money on anything else if you can. This is by far the best AK I have ever shot.
    Troy | 1/18/2021 7:14 AM
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    Sam7 sf 84e
    The best made Ak on the current market . The milled receiver is beautifully crafted . The quality of Arsenal firearms are a step above the rest. That's why I own the Sam7 uf and also purchased the Sam7r 61 too. Buy them while they are still available.  You will not be disappointed. Who knows what the future will bring. Thank you to KVAR for the easy on line purchasing and quick shipping.
    Dwayne | 4/25/2021 1:10 PM
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    My First AK. SAM7SF-84 is an Amazing Rifle and Value
    This was my first AK. I’ve been interested in AKs for a decade and started seriously looking about 5 years ago. Sadly, had no idea about Arsenal/KVAR otherwise I would have bought one way sooner. I was stupidly focusing on PolyTechs and other Chinese rifles like the many Norinco models. Don’t waste your time! You already have an advantage, you are on this sight looking at Arsenals.

    Wasn’t until I went to my LGS recently and started asking in person rather than blindly stumbling around the internet, that I learned of Arsenals. Found their website and was directed towards KVAR. I immediately contacted KVAR’s customer service and got more information on the Arsenal SAM7SF. They were knowledgeable, honest, super helpful, and very professional.

    After one call, I jumped at the chance to buy one since they were in stock, which is rare. As my first AK, I am extremely pleased. From the moment I first held it, I could tell it was QUALITY. If the SAM7SF has one main drawback, it’s weight.

    As a guy who loves semi-auto, military style rifles, I have many. I have multiple rifles of the AR15 variety and they are certainly lighter while also having their own strengths. However, that doesn’t make the SAM7SF any less efficient. The AK platform has many advantages over other military style semi-autos and the SAM7SF Belgium variant is no exception. Do your research and you will come to the same conclusion.

    The only other draw back, in my opinion, but this goes for several AK variants, is that they are long. Even with the Warsaw length stocks, they are long. The SAM7SF mitigates this with the right side folding stock. Something uniquely offered by Arsenal. This allows the rifle to be equipped with a left side mounted scope, which can be fired with the folding stock locked into position on the right side. It’s not ideal to fire it this way but it’s still very effective in this configuration, especially for CQCS

    The 7.62x39 round is amazing. As someone who owns AR15 style rifles, a couple AUGs, and other 5.56 nato caliber semi-autos, I love the versatility of the the 7.62 caliber the Russians made famous. It’s very effective, fun, accurate, and still relatively inexpensive to shoot compared to many other calibers.

    The SAM7SF came to me in excellent condition. Yes, it’s a rifle made to military specs in a production facility, that makes military contract weapons, but it was far less marred than any of my several Colt factory made rifles. I know finish is the biggest complaint you will both read on forums and hear about on YouTube but it’s completely over exaggerating in my experience. I’ve also shot mine a few times now, and gotten it quite HOT, without seeing any bubbling, discoloration, flaking, or other finish issues. Mine still looks as good as it did new when, I received it a few weeks back after almost 1000 rounds. For anyone curious, the finish is also quite durable.

    Additionally, my sights were spot on, not canting issues. The rifle came zeroed from factory and she is a tac driver at 100-200 yards. She’s easy to break down, easy to service, and easy to clean. The many cleaners I own and used have had zero effect on the finish but I’m not using abrasive carb cleaner like others who would eventually complain when they willing used a product not intended to clean firearms and it damaged them. Yet they are upset about this???

    The point of this review is to get those on the fence about spending $2k on an AK, specifically an Arsenal SAM7, to feel good about pulling the proverbial trigger once and for all to get yourself a dream AK. The price for a brand new SAM7SF is not even remotely excessive when you put in to terms that so many junk AKs are selling for ridiculous sums of money on GB due to shortages. Moreover, as an inexperienced AK buyer, don’t take my word for it, just go onto the many forums or YouTube to learn about all the junk AKs selling on GB now for $1000-$1500. WASRs and other Century made rifles come to mind.

    Is it a perfect semi-auto military style rifle? No, none of them are as it comes down to preferences and needs. They all have their pros and cons. However, is it the perfect AK? It’s pretty damn close from my research and experience. Please also note, this is coming from a guy who within 24 hours of picking up my SAM7SF at my LGS that I bought from KVAR, I was on GB looking for the AK I knew I had to have, an Arsenal SGL.

    I picked up my SGL-21 a few days ago and while it’s a little lighter and considered in many ways the perfect Russian made AK, I think the SAM7SF better in many ways. It was way cheaper than what is known as one of the “best” AKs out there, the Russian made SGL but that is mainly due to the sanctions and limited availability of SGLs on the market.

    The quality of the SAM7SF is better compared to the Saiga SGL but that is only my opinion. Don’t get me wrong, I’m glad I also could afford an SGL and I love her for obvious reasons. Yet, the SAM7SF and the SAM7R, are a better value overall, in my opinion, unless you have to have a Russian AK variant like I did.

    Anyway, I hope this helps you make the decision to buy a SAM7SF or a SAM7R from KVAR. Their customer service is second to none. Their involvement/relationship with Arsenal makes them an industry leader, and if you’re reading this, buy the damn rifle and enjoy your family heirloom!!! 10 Stars!! **********
    Brian W | 9/19/2021 12:04 AM
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