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    Connecticut Restrictions


    DISCLAIMER: K-Var will not modify a firearm from its manufactured packaging in order to make it compliant for state laws. K-Var will not ship firearms to a third party to be modified or changed in any way from manufactured specifications. All purchased firearms must be compliant “as is” from the manufacturer before the item(s) will ship. Information regarding State and local restrictions, laws and ordinances presented on this page are generalized summations of the above named State’s law, provided for customer convince. Laws and ordinances for firearms, ammunition, and certain other items are however, subject to change, without notice. It is the responsibility of the customer to know his or her own State and local restrictions.

    State Regulations

    Subject Matter

    Long gun


    Relevant Statute

    General Description

    State Permit Required to Purchase



    CGS §29-33(b),

    CGS §29–36(f), CGS §29-38m(c)

    Certificate of Eligibility for Pistol and Revolvers or Long Guns or Ammunition required to purchase handguns, long guns or ammunition, respectively or a State Permit to Carry Pistols and Revolvers to purchase any of the above. Applicants must complete an approved safety course, and pass a National Instant Criminal Background Check System (NICS) background check and mental health records check prior to issuance of certificate. Certificates of Eligibility are granted on a Shall-Issue basis to qualified applicants, and are valid for five years. There is a 14-day waiting period for the purchase of long guns, with exceptions for peace officers, Active-Duty military members, and holders of carry permits. With the passing of Public Act 13-3, hunting licenses (which take approximately 12 hours to complete versus the eight hours the NRA Basic Pistol Course takes) may no longer be used to purchase ammunition or long rifles. Long guns and ammunition purchased outside of Connecticut are not subject to the long gun and ammunition eligibility requirements (even if one is a CT resident) other than the two-week waiting period must be observed for long gun transfers out of state, unless one has a valid hunting license or carry permit.

    State Firearm Registration



    CGS §53–202

    Registration required for assault weapons purchased between September 13, 1994 and April 1, 2014 and for machine guns obtained before January 1, 2014.

    There is a de facto registry of the sale (including the serial numbers) of handguns and long guns purchased in state that is maintained by the Department of Emergency Services and Public Protection (DESPP). Any transfer, be it from a dealer or private party, must be accompanied by an authorization number issued by the DESPP and a form containing personal and weapon identification (DPS-3-C) must be submitted to DESPP and local police. This form is collected and maintained on all guns purchased from FFL dealers as well. The DPS-3-C form is not required for long gun transfers made out of state, and there is no legal requirement/penalty to register firearms purchased out of state or lawfully obtained before April 1, 2014.

    Assault Weapon Restrictions



    CSG §53-202

    Partial ban. Selective fire weapons, some .50 BMG variants, and semiautomatic center-fire firearms with one defined feature; banned weapons lawfully possessed prior to this date must be registered with DESPP. Registered weapons may only be sold or transferred to a licensed gun dealer, to the State Police or local police department or transferred to a recipient outside of Connecticut. Assault weapons manufactured and lawfully obtained prior to September 13, 1994 no longer require registration with DESPP and may be sold or transferred to non-prohibited persons. Exceptions exist for active and retired law enforcement and military members.

    Magazine Capacity Restrictions



    CGS §53-202w

    As of April 4, 2013, magazines holding more than 10 rounds are considered Large Capacity Magazines (LCM), and such magazines manufactured after that date may not be sold or transferred within the state. Existing owners of LCMs may possess such magazines if they declare and register them with the DESPP before January 1, 2014; Owners of registered LCMs may not load such magazines with more than 10 rounds except when inside the owner's home or on the premises of a licensed shooting range. Even if an individual has a permit to carry a pistol or revolver, they can never carry, other than at a shooting range, a pistol that has an LCM loaded with more than 10 bullets. Possessing an unregistered Large Capacity Magazine obtained prior to the ban's effective date is an infraction with a $90 fine for the first offense, and a Class D felony (punishable by up to 5 years in prison and/or $5,000 fine) for subsequent offenses. Unlawfully possessing a LCM obtained after the effective date of the ban is a Class D felony.

    NFA Weapon Restrictions



    CGS §53-202(c)

    SBR, SBS, DD, suppressors are legal, provided they also comply with the assault weapons provisions, unless purchased before October 1, 1993. Machine guns are legal if purchased and registered with the state before January 1, 2014. Non-selective fire machine guns may be transferred to another resident within Connecticut.

    State Preemption of Local Restrictions



    CGS §29-38

    State pre-emption of local ordinances not explicitly specified in state law, but established by court precedence. Most municipalities have ordinances restricting or banning the discharge of firearms outside of firing ranges or designated hunting areas during hunting seasons. Some municipalities have restrictions or bans on carrying long guns in public places. The City of New London and the City of New Britain previously had ordinances that forbade open carry of handguns, which have since been repealed in both cities.




    CGS §29-38(c)

    Effective October 1, 2013, Connecticut prohibits the sale of ammunition or an ammunition magazine to any buyer unless the prospective ammunition purchaser:

    Has a handgun carry permit, gun sales permit, or long gun or handgun eligibility certificate, and presents such a credential to the seller; or

    Has an ammunition certificate and presents to the seller such certificate along with a driver’s license, passport, or other valid government-issued identification that contains the person’s photograph and date of birth

    Prohibited Items


    Semi-automatic rifles with a detachable magazine and ONE or more of the following features: 1. Folding / telescoping stock; 2. Pistol grip; 3. Bayonet mount; 4. Flash suppressor; 5. Threaded barrel; 6. Grenade launcher; 7. Magazine capacity exceeding 10 rounds.

    Any Semi-auto, center fire rifle that has or accepts a magazine with a capacity exceeding five (5) rounds is prohibited to any person under twenty-one years of age.

    .22 Rimfire rifles with detachable magazines and any two of the following features: 1. Pistol grip; 2. Folding / telescoping stock; 3. Bayonet mount; 4. Flash suppressor; 5. Threaded barrel.


    Semi-automatic shotguns that have at least TWO of the following features: 1. Folding / telescoping stock; 2. Pistol grip; 3. Fixed magazine over 5 rounds; 4. Ability to accept a detachable magazine.


    Semi-automatic handguns with a detachable magazine and ONE or more of the following features: 1. Magazine that attaches to the firearm outside the pistol grip; 2. Barrel shroud; 3. Manufactured weight of 50 oz or more; 4. Threaded barrel; 5. Magazine capacity exceeding 10 rounds.

    Accessories / Ammunition

    No magazines exceeding 10 rounds.

    No online bulletproof vest sales.

    Only holders of a valid CT Carry Permit, Eligibility Certification, Long Gun Eligibility Certificate, or Ammunition Certificate and a State-Issued Photo ID will be able to purchase ammunition and/or magazines.

    LAW ENFORCMENT & ACTIVE DUTY MILITARY EXEMPTIONS: Law enforcement officers are exempt from “assault weapons” and high-capacity magazine restrictions listed above with Department Letterhead authorizing the purchase. In addition, in connection with official duties, active-duty military with current military ID are exempt from ""assault weapons"" and high-capacity magazine prohibitions listed above.