Circle 10 "Waffle Pattern" 7.62x39 Caliber 30 Round Magazine. Original Arsenal Bulgaria Black Polymer Mil Spec Magazine.
Circle 10 "Waffle Pattern" 7.62x39 Caliber 30 Round Magazine. Original Arsenal Bulgaria Black Polymer Mil Spec Magazine.

A quality magazine is THE most important accessory you can purchase for your rifle. Many of you own AK’s because of their reliability. Why jeopardize its reliability and durability with cheap magazines?

Arsenal Circle 10 magazines are inarguably the finest AK magazines in the world-period. They are the ONLY magazine to pass 100% of the military drop tests, 100% of the time. Circle 10 magazines are made from the highest quality polymer, contain steel reinforcements front/back, steel feed lips, and a steel locking lug. Should you drop your loaded rifle or run into something, they WILL NOT break off and leave you with a possibly non-functioning gun. Circle 10 magazines feed and function perfectly all the time-every time.
Warning: High-capacity magazines can not be billed or shipped to CA, CT, MA, MD, NY, NJ, Arroyo and Cook county IL, Chicago IL, and Denver CO
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Customer Reviews

  • Author: Blair
    These are the best AK mags I have ever used and are worth every penny.
  • Author: lance curry
    i have several of these mags and they are top quality.....
  • Author: Gus
    These magazines fit the rifle without binding and they don't rattle around in the magazine well, either. Perfectly reliable and sturdy. They want top dollar for them and I gladly pay it for the best AK magazine available.
  • Author: Fred C.
    I wish I bought these and only these mags. Hands down the best for your ak. I will continue to purchase more as long as the price doesn't get too crazy.
  • Author: John M
    Was on the range for training with the AK experts from Las Vegas and had three different US made mags fail on me. Thankfully I had two Circle 10's with me!!!! Those two mags now have over 1,000 rounds through them without a single problem. I have replaced all of my AK mags with K-Var Circle 10 magazines.
  • Author: Lance R
    Best money you could ever spend on an AK mag, you can feel the quality by just holding them. Well worth the money.
  • Author: Robert S
    Best mag ever. Very impressed its polymer. This mag is the best ak mag on the market. That being said if you cant afford this great mag i would give the magpul mag a look also. Not as great as this mag but definitely worth the $15. Must really suck to live in nazi states like California cause these are a must for any ak pattern rifle in 7.62x39
  • Author: Gregory Tinsley
    The absolute last word in AK-47 mags. These mags have a permanent spot on my rig.
  • Author: Phil N
    If you spend $1300 on an Arsenal Ak, spend the little extra and get the factory circle 10 mags for it, these fit and function awesome, you get what you pay for. If you have a cheaper import Ak, the best steel mags are the Zastava Yugo bolt hold open mags, they too are worth the extra money and fit and function very well, if you don't purchase these.

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