AK Scope Mount with Picatinny Rail, AK Variants  Scope Mount with Picatinny Rail, AK Variants  Scope Mount with Picatinny Rail, AK Variants

Finally, a repeatable quick-release 1913-rail scope mount for your AK variant! The KV-04S features an adjustable locking mechanism that attaches securely to all military-standard AK side rails, and allows for easy removal and reattachment without tools or loss of zero. The 5.25-inch Picatinny rail section is centered over the bore axis, and can be reversed by the user for compatibility with hinged AK dust covers. The rail section and mount body are machined from aluminum alloy, with steel locking mechanism parts. Weighs just 7.7 ounces.

This is the must-have item if you are looking to mount a scope to your AK variant in the most accurate and solid way possible.

The KV-04S AK Scope mount provides a rigid platform with a Picatinny rail system (the standardized mounting platform for firearms). This KV-04S is virtually used for all scopes and optic devices with zero movement. Equipped with an adjustable quick-release lever mechanism allows you to remove and re-install your scope without losing zero. Now using Locktighting method on the rail so the screws are better secured. Fits on all standard military AK receiver side scope rails.

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Our Price: $97.99
List Price: $107.99

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  • Author: Kirk Jensen
    I have watched countless videos on this mount. It is the best AK mount out there... However, it is never available to purchase... I have looked periodically for the past 2 years and it always shows unavailable, and not to mention the price keeps rising. : (

    I would ideally like to have 2. One with a red dot and the other with a 10x scope. Can I get some help here K-Var????????????
  • Author: ronald monroe
    Nice mount...but not for a whopping $94 bucks.
  • Author: Bobby McAteer
    I bought one back on 09/11/2011 and it was $94.99 then so price hasn't went up as far as the last time I ordered one.Trying to save up the funds now to get another hopefully it won't go up in price until then and if it does hope not too much.I believe in you get what you pay for and this IMHO is the best I've found to mount an optic to my AK.
  • Author: Dave
    Well I would give this mount a 2.5 of 5 stars. I have been looking at this mount for a while and was excited to mount my EOTech on it, but the sight would not fit. It took 4 hours using a dremel and file to get the sight to fit. I'm pretty sure I got a out of spec picatinny rail. I would have returned it but I was in a time constraint and had to make it work. But it works great now after elbow grease and paint, It fits perfectly on the side mount on my rifle.
  • Author: D. Newk
    solid, light, easy to install. centered and low profile. well worth the money. if yours is not staying put. u need to adjust the spring tension screw a notch or 2. mine would not stay mounted until i did this for my Saiga. but dont force the latch. if its not hand tight, then back it off 1 notch.
  • Author: christopher claeys
    Hmm, well it fits tight, but I cant get a proper scope eye relief as the rail protrudes too far to the rear. I would have to use "high" rings to clear the rail and move scope forward, but that will require craning the neck to see through the scope. This is a poor design in my opinion, needs too sit lower and rail should not go behind the mount.
  • Author: R. Tracy
    Good solid mount in the Russian tradition, but my friend and I are 0 for 2 being able to mount popular "sniper" scopes with 2.7" - 3.1" eye relief far enough forward on our Vepr rifles. The Picatinny rail is about an inch too short on the front, even with the scopes positioned all the way forward in the mounting rings. My guess is the new SM-13 mount would be a good solution in our case. If K-Var would consider a mod for the KV-04S, shifting the existing rail forward approx. 2 inches would be perfect. Existing rail length is more than adequate: just need to move it forward.
  • Author: mike brown
    Have had this mount for about 4 years. Its held up well and generally gets you back on zero within 4" @ 100 yards which isn't great but its better than most. Using a Amipoint 9000sc optic.

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