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    K-Var Podcasts

    K-VAR Podcast Episode 15 - Dustin Hill Meteor Man
    Gun Grips made from T-Rex poop or Wooly Mammoth bones...YES PLEASE....Dustin Hill joins us on the hunt from Alaska to talk about Burkett Customs!
    K-VAR Podcast Episode 14 - Tony Sentmanat
    Tony Sentmanat from RealWorld Tactical! The #1 fitness motivation guy you'll ever meet - check out his videos for insane functional fitness workouts & special workouts like you've never seen before.
    K-VAR Podcast Episode 13 - McDojo Life
    Rob from McDojo Life stops in to profide insight into what makes a McDojo and why some people are getting cheated out of good training.
    K-VAR Podcast Episode 12 - Michael Sodini
    Michael Sodini is the founder of Walk the Talk America. An organization who’s goal is to raise awareness and create a change in the misunderstandings regarding mental illness and firearms.
    K-VAR Podcast Episode 11-JJ Racaza
    Champion shooter, JJ Racaza stops in to discuss leading the Area51 raid, Pro shooting, being a male model and anything and everything else!
    K-VAR Podcast Episode 10-Brass Loving Brunette
    John talks with Sharla Finn AKA "Brass Loving Brunette" about Canadian gun laws, mental health gun control and what the hell is with the food in Canada?!?!
    K-VAR Podcast Episode 9-Jay Cutler
    FOUR TIME Mr. Olympia Jay Cutler stops in to discuss fitness, Area 51, and the JFK conspiracy. Watch, leave comments, and see some of the funniest Jay Cutler moments.
    K-VAR Podcast Episode 8- Dom B The Hypnotist
    Dom from Mindguide.life stops in to walk us through Hypnosis and the process of hypnosis! If you pay attention he may even help your marriage out!
    K-VAR Podcast Episode 7-AG Gregoroff (TOEHOLD)
    TOEHOLD owner AG Gregoroff stops by to talk Flip-Flops, combat sports and much more!
    K-VAR Podcast Episode 6-Tai Emery
    TAI stops in to say hello and tell us about hunting in Australia knocking ladies out in the LFL and all things fighting!
    K-var Podcast Episode 5-Bruce Cardenas (Quest Nutrition)
    Bruce Cardenas from Quest Nutrition stops by to drop some KNOWLEDGE!
    K-VAR Podcast Episode 4-Taylor Spadaccino
    Taylor stops in to tell us what's going on with her and where she is going with her career. Touching on her journey from the Marine Corp to fitness champion!
    K-VAR Podcast-Episode 3: Michelle Viscusi
    Glock Shooter and leader in female shooting sports. Michelle has a tremendous story and we look forward to hearing from her!
    K-VAR Podcast-Episode 2: Yancey Harrington
    Yancey owns a small consultancy firm and lives in Tucson, Arizona. He assists various companies and individuals doing business in the former USSR. He is a former US Army paratrooper with the 82nd Airborne Division.
    K-VAR Podcast - Episode 1: Omar “Crispy” Avila
    K-VAR Podcast - Episode 1: Hosted by John Bartolo and featuring Omar “Crispy” Avila and special guests Tracy “Gun’s” Lee. In this episode Crispy is inducted into the world of AK’s and discusses his heroic story.