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    Handgun Parts

    Are you looking to customize or repair the power you hold in your hand? Then you're gonna need some durable handgun parts. K-Var has a great selection of pistol parts to choose from, including springs, slides, triggers and a whole lot more. You'll find brands that you can trust too, such as Arex, Arsenal, Hogue, Crux Ordinance and even our own K-Var brand. With the right handgun parts, you'll never be off the mark. Let us pistol whip your supply closet into shape — shop for handgun and pistol parts now!

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      2 products found.

      Gen 2 grip panels for Rex Zero 1 Compact.

      $18.99 $17.00

      Grip panels for Rex Zero 1 Standard & Tactical series.

      $16.99 $16.00