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    In today's world, it's important to stay sharp. For folding knives, fixed blades, multi-purpose tools, tactical knives and more, K-Var has you covered. Our wide selection of blades has everything you need to be prepared — including hunters, skinners, camp knives, bayonets, and tactical models. Whether they're for hunting, military, law enforcement, or personal protection, we make it a point to have the knives and blades you’re looking for. Contact K-Var for more information!

    Knives are a great tool to have for a number of applications, but you should also arm yourself with information that can help protect you and your loved ones. We have a number of resource articles that can help you do just that. From advice on how to protect yourself from being a carjacking victim to illumination tools to up your home defense, we cover a wide range of topics. We also review new knives as they come on the market, such as the CRKT Amicus, to give you the information you need to make the best purchasing decision. Check out The Armory to learn more.

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      Hogue EX-F03 Hawkbill Blade 2.25 inch G10 Solid Black Scales 6.5 inch OAL 2 Black Sheath Combo

      $139.99 $135.99

      Hogue X5 Folding Knife Push-Button with Manual Safety and Stainless Steel Blade


      Hogue EX-A01 3.5 inch Automatic Folder Tanto Blade Black Finish G-10 Frame - G-Mascus Black


      Hogue EX-F02 4.5 inch Fixed Clip Point Blade Tumbled Finish Auto Retention Sheath Black - Rubber OverMolded Frame Black


      Hogue Tomahawk S-7 Black Kote Black G10 Sheath - G10 Olive Drab Green Scales


      Hogue EX-01 3.5" G-Mascus Black Cerakote G10 Frame Tread Folder Drop Point Blade

      $219.99 $194.95

      Hogue EX-A04 3.5 inch Automatic Folder Upswept Blade Black Finish G-10 Frame - Solid Black

      $229.99 $229.46

      Hogue EX-F01 5 1/2 inch Fixed Drop Point Blade A-2 Black Kote Black Sheath - G10 G-Mascus Black Scales


      Hogue X5 3.5 inch Folder CPM154 Spear Point Blade Black Finish - Black Aluminum Frame G-Mascus Black G10 Insert


      Hogue Tomahawk S-7 Black Kote Black G10 Sheath - G10 Solid Black Scales


      EX-A01 3.56 inch Automatic Folder Tanto Blade Black Finish G-10 Frame - G-Mascus Green


      Hogue EX-F03 Neck Knife 2.25 inch Clip Point Blade Tumble Finish 5.5 inch OAL Black Sheath