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SGL31 Series – 5.45x39 Caliber Russian Stamped Receiver AK-74 Variant Rifles

SGL31 Series (Saiga) rifle from the legendary Izhmash Factory of Russia and FIME Group, LLC of Las Vegas NV USA. They are imported from Russia and remanufactured by FIME Group, LLC to incorporate what collectors and shooters anticipate from an authentic Russian AK rifle. Made by FIME Group, LLC‘s highest standards of workmanship, and in conjunction with hand-select premium components by custom-shop-like attention to detail from Izhmash, produces true superior Russian AK rifles for the enthusiast. The SGL Series append and adhere to 922r compliance parts and features that are most desired but not seen on other factory AK rifles. Every unit is laser sighted and test fired. Targets are included with most of the rifles.

To make this rifle the perfect Russian AK available in the market, FIME Group, LLC has taken all the necessary steps to ensure all the components and features are true to its original configuration.

The components and features on the new SGL Series rifle resemble true Russian AK authenticity, from the safety lever with correct shape and properly positioned dimple, to the correct trigger guard with magazine catch, correct bullet guide enabling SGL SERIES to accept any standard AK magazine, 1000 meter rear sight leaf, high-quality double-stage fire control group (hammer, trigger and disconnector), original mil-spec polymer furniture (handguards, pistol grip, buttstock, retainer), correct gas tube, original gas block with the correct vent holes, a guide hole for the cleaning rod and accessory lug, correct AK-74 type front sight block with 24x1.5mm right-hand threads and bayonet lug.

Available variants: Furniture assemblies in Black, Plum, Desert Sand, or OD Green color furniture. Buttstock available configuration in original Warsaw pact length polymer, extended NATO length polymer, side-folding Metal, or side-folding Polymer. Media: SPECIAL WEAPONS Magazine, Read more about it.
K-VAR does not sell nor ship these rifles to the following states: CA, NY, NJ, and MA


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Russian made stamped receiver, 5.45x39.5 caliber, hammer forged chrome lined barrel, U.S. made mil-spec black polymer stock set, Warsaw Pact length buttstock,..30rd. Bulgarian circle 10 magazine included.
SGL34 Saiga, (NJ, CT, and MA STATE COMPLIANT) - Black Stockset Russian made stamped receiver, 5.45x39 caliber, Warsaw Pact Length Buttstock. Comes with 10rd magazine!
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