Magazine, Bulgarian - 30 Rd, "Clear Waffle Pattern" (5.56x45) (.223 cal.)

PLEASE NOTE: These clear magazines do NOT have all the metal inserts described in the PDF file & image, they have a front metal lug/strap and back lug.

Warning: High-capacity magazines can not be billed or shipped to CA, CT, MA, MD, NY, NJ, Arroyo and Cook county IL, Chicago IL, and Denver CO
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Our Price: $44.99

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  • Author: Eric Liu (mistereliu@yahoo.com)
    Recently put my new SLR-106FR through its first run with the M74-NC mags and both functioned flawlessly. These new mags are a bit tight going into the receiver but conversely - absolutely no side-to-side movement whatsoever.
  • Author: Mark Johnson
    I purchased 6 with my ak. I like the ability to see how many round you have in the mag. Very well built and dependable mags. No movement at all when in the gun. Some were a little tight, but after putting them in the gun a few times, they worked perfectly.
  • Author: Glenn A.
    I just bought a SLR106 FR my 1st K-var purchase but my 8th Arsenal and my 25th AK, I also own 3 Krebs and a several built myself from kits (one from a flat) and various other brands and types. Anyway 40+ year shooter/collector and own nearly every type of firearm sans shotguns.

    I have 2 more .223 AK's so I have around 50+ of these .223 mags in 10-20 and 30 rounds Haha I have over a 100 7.62x39 mags and an equal number of AR or AR type weapon mags as well. Anyways...They work great and like Eric said a bit tight on Arsenal's when new, Krebs as well btw.

    They are built like tanks just a strong as my HK mags no FTF's or FTE's. I use 10's and 20's for more precise or long range shooting, while I use the 30's for carbine courses etc.

    Magazines are a very important safety device and its one thing you should never cheap out on and kudos for K-var not price gouging.

    Tho Im not a panic buyer as I bought all my needs years ago. Now it just whatever catches my eye like the new SLR I just got or something I want in my collection. Like my Tavor per-order this March ;)
  • Author: JR Texas
    Great mags. I got 2 of these and the work great in my SLR106U pistol I can't wait to get back to the range.
  • Author: Rajeev M
    The clear/smoke 30-rd Circle 10 5.56 waffle mags are difficult to rock in (for me). Sometimes they go in easily, and other times they're really difficult to insert. I would not say this is uniform among all the 5.56 smoke mags. Some work fine. The 20-rd smoke Circle 10s and the 30-rd black Circle 10 mags give no problems (for me). I'm hoping with time, they'll rock in easier.
  • Author: gs
    they work fine so far. All the ones I used have cracked at the forward portion of the magazine, but they still work fine. Given the high price, though, I was disappointed and worry the cracks will expand.

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