Circle 10 "Waffle Pattern" 5.56x45 Caliber 30 Round Magazine. (.223 caliber) Original Arsenal Bulgaria Clear Reinforced Polymer

Circle 10 "Waffle Pattern" 5.56x45 Caliber 30 Round Magazine. (.223 caliber) Original Arsenal Bulgaria Clear Reinforced Polymer

PLEASE NOTE: These clear magazines do NOT have all the metal inserts described in the PDF file & image, they have a front metal lug/strap and back lug.

A quality magazine is THE most important accessory you can purchase for your rifle. Many of you own AK’s because of their reliability. Why jeopardize its reliability and durability with cheap magazines?

Arsenal Circle 10 magazines are inarguably the finest AK magazines in the world-period. They are the ONLY magazine to pass 100% of the military drop tests, 100% of the time. Circle 10 magazines are made from the highest quality polymer, contain steel reinforcements front/back, steel feed lips, and a steel locking lug. Should you drop your loaded rifle or run into something, they WILL NOT break off and leave you with a possibly non-functioning gun. Circle 10 magazines feed and function perfectly all the time-every time.

Warning: High-capacity magazines can not be billed or shipped to CA, CT, MA, MD, NY, NJ, Arroyo and Cook county IL, Chicago IL, and Denver CO
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  • Author: Eric Liu (mistereliu@yahoo.com)
    Recently put my new SLR-106FR through its first run with the M74-NC mags and both functioned flawlessly. These new mags are a bit tight going into the receiver but conversely - absolutely no side-to-side movement whatsoever.
  • Author: Mark Johnson
    I purchased 6 with my ak. I like the ability to see how many round you have in the mag. Very well built and dependable mags. No movement at all when in the gun. Some were a little tight, but after putting them in the gun a few times, they worked perfectly.
  • Author: Glenn A.
    I just bought a SLR106 FR my 1st K-var purchase but my 8th Arsenal and my 25th AK, I also own 3 Krebs and a several built myself from kits (one from a flat) and various other brands and types. Anyway 40+ year shooter/collector and own nearly every type of firearm sans shotguns.

    I have 2 more .223 AK's so I have around 50+ of these .223 mags in 10-20 and 30 rounds Haha I have over a 100 7.62x39 mags and an equal number of AR or AR type weapon mags as well. Anyways...They work great and like Eric said a bit tight on Arsenal's when new, Krebs as well btw.

    They are built like tanks just a strong as my HK mags no FTF's or FTE's. I use 10's and 20's for more precise or long range shooting, while I use the 30's for carbine courses etc.

    Magazines are a very important safety device and its one thing you should never cheap out on and kudos for K-var not price gouging.

    Tho Im not a panic buyer as I bought all my needs years ago. Now it just whatever catches my eye like the new SLR I just got or something I want in my collection. Like my Tavor per-order this March ;)
  • Author: JR Texas
    Great mags. I got 2 of these and the work great in my SLR106U pistol I can't wait to get back to the range.
  • Author: Rajeev M
    The clear/smoke 30-rd Circle 10 5.56 waffle mags are difficult to rock in (for me). Sometimes they go in easily, and other times they're really difficult to insert. I would not say this is uniform among all the 5.56 smoke mags. Some work fine. The 20-rd smoke Circle 10s and the 30-rd black Circle 10 mags give no problems (for me). I'm hoping with time, they'll rock in easier.
  • Author: gs
    they work fine so far. All the ones I used have cracked at the forward portion of the magazine, but they still work fine. Given the high price, though, I was disappointed and worry the cracks will expand.

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