Molot Vepr AK-47 7.62x39 Semi Auto Rifle, 16.5-in barrel, black polymer stock, one 5-rd magazine Molot Vepr AK-47 7.62x39 Semi Auto Rifle, 16.5-in barrel, black polymer stock, one 5-rd magazine Molot Vepr AK-47 7.62x39 Semi Auto Rifle, 16.5-in barrel, black polymer stock, one 5-rd magazine

Molot Vepr AK-47 7.62x39 Semi Auto Rifle with 16.5-in Barrel, Black Polymer Stock and one 5-rd Magazine

Built on the same standard as the military RPK, Vepr is 50% more reinforced than a standard, stamped AK rifle. Each rifle has been manufactured using state of the art technology, effectively creating a heavier duty piece that will last through not just a lifetime but for many generations to come. The RPK-style barrels are hammer forged and chrome lined using techniques that make them four to five times stronger than a standard AK barrel, giving the Vepr rifles substantially extended service life over AK type rifles.

Vepr AK rifle in 7.62x39mm caliber, 16.5-in barrel, stamped receiver, chrome lined hammer forged barrel, removable muzzle nut with 14x1mm left-hand threads, 1000 meter sight leaf with adjustable windage, Cleaning Kit and Cleaning Rod, black polymer furniture, Warsaw length buttstock with hidden compartment for cleaning kit, shipped with one 5-rd magazine, 922(r) compliant with US or foreign made magazines.

Molot Vepr AK-47 7.62x39 Semi Auto Rifle with 16.5-in Barrel Features

  • For the first time ever true factory Molot AK-47 style rifle in the US market
  • Heavy RPK-style hammer forged chrome lined barrel
  • RPK-style 1.5mm stamped receiver
  • RPK-style trunnion block
  • RPK-style ribbed polymer handguards with stainless steel heat shield
  • Polymer original Warsaw length buttstock with cleaning kit trap door
  • Windage adjustable 1000m rear sight leaf
  • Scope mount side rail
  • Accepts all mil-spec double-stack AK-47 7.62x39mm magazines
  • 14x1mm left-hand muzzle thread
  • 922r compliant with foreign made magazines

Molot Vepr AK-47 7.62x39 Semi Auto Rifle with 16.5-in Barrel Specifications

Caliber: 7.62x39
Operating System: Semi-Auto, long stroke gas system
Breech Type: 2 lug rotating bolt
Magazine Type: Detachable double stack magazine
Weight with 5-rd magazine: 8 lbs
Overall Length: 34.75"
Width: 2.9"
Height (w/o mag.): 7.8"
Barrel Length: 16.5"
Rifling: 4 groove RH twist, 9.4"
Twist rate: 1 in 240 mm
Weight w/o Magazine: 7.8 lbs (3.54 kg)
Muzzle Velocity: 710 m/s
Effective Range: 400 m
Maximum Range: 1350 m
Rate of Fire: 40 rds/min (practical)
Sight Leaf: 1000 m

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Our Price: $999.99

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  • Author: Impressed
    I was surprised how fast the rifle showed up as I thought it was back-ordered. This is an awesome AK. Very well built and reeks of quality. I think the balance is nice. It has great features like the CHF chrome lined barrel, reinforced trunion, and RPK receiver. It is threaded with a protector on the threads. I dig that the rifle is a true Russian. A couple negatives. First, I second Happy's lackluster review of the trigger. It feels gritty and I am swapping it for an ALG AKT. I also do not really like the furniture. That is more a personal thing. It is ok for what it is, but I am going to put some surplus wood on it to make it look much better. I also think they could ship this with at least a slant brake. Also, for the purists, there are no bayo or accessory lugs. I wish they had put these on but it is mostly aesthetic. But, besides a small amount of negatives, this is likely the best AK on the market for the price. Same quality as the Arsenals but cheaper. Much better quality than the Pap's and WASR for a couple hundred more. Out of the box with a cold barrel I shot a 1.75 inch group at 100 yards with wolf military classic 124 fmj. I was pretty happy with that considering the trigger and when I get that AKT in, I am sure there will be improvement. After some surplus wood, a couple comm bloc mags, an AKT, and a tapco slotted brake I'll be in about 1350 but have a top notch looking and shooting AK.
  • Author: Happy
    I was lucky enough to get one of the first batch and let me tell you something: I dont think I have seen a nicer AK yet, this thing is built tight, the piston and the gas block are chrome-lined, everything fits like a glove, it has that thick chrome-lined Molot barrel but it isnt too heavy and has a nice balance, the stock is US made but seems like its good quality and has a trap door for the cleaning kit, barrel is threaded with a protective cap installed, ready for the muzzle device of your choice, the only bad thing on this rifle is the trigger, it is pretty terrible, but, once you put the ALG AKT (Enchanced recommended) into it: you have yourself the finest AK you can buy, dont fall for that "custom" label certain companies use to sell overpriced "ok" rifles, this is the real deal, this is the best. Now what we need are some SVDs.
  • Author: Okay Rifle
    The internal components and barrel seem to be high quality and the rifle shoots well due to its weight. However, I found that the finish is flaking off like cheap paint in one spot on the outside of the receiver. Other than a sub-par finish and trigger it seems to be a good rifle.

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